What You Need To Know About Your Over 40 Workout

Working Out Over 40? What You Need to Know About Your Over-40 Workout

Are you struggling to get fit but still working out regularly? Oftentimes, people will partake in an over-40 workout only to find that they never see optimal results. Some people may even age faster. Unfortunately, as you age, free radicals start to steal all of your body’s energy, leaving you feeling and looking old.

What Workouts Are Ideal?

Your body can only sustain vigorous workouts before breaking down. Knee pains, cramps and injuries often occur because people do isolation workouts that are simply too difficult and inefficient. Full body workouts for men over 40 are the absolute best option. Why? Let’s discuss why you should be adding full body workouts into your routine.

  • Isolation workouts aim at working a particular muscle.
  • Full body workout plans for men over 40 work several muscles at the same time.
  • Women can also use these workout programs for men over 40.
  • Isolation workouts do not provide functional movements or full range of motion.

The truth is that you are sculpting specific muscles with just isolation workouts. These are the bicep curls or the tricep extensions workouts that people do over and over again yet never really see any progress. What will this do for you?

A full body workout will:

  • Work many muscles at once, such as chest, biceps, back, abs and quads.
  • Alleviate the need to do mundane cardio workouts.
  • Burn fat faster, resulting in a healthier you.
  • Reduce the stress that other workouts put on the joints.

In fact, if you are like most, you have seen the average “men over 40 workout routine” and realized that it still hasn’t evolved since your 20’s. When you do a full body workout, you are ensuring functionality and mobility into your elder years. What sense does it make to do curls when you can’t squat down to pick up the morning paper?

This is why so many people have moved into the CrossFit way of working out. It only makes sense to have fun and do complete body workouts that are faster and more effective than spending hours in the gym trying to get ”buff.”

Men and Women Can Do the Same Workouts

People gasp at the idea of women doing deadlifts or climbing rope. The truth is that the best workouts for men over 40 are the exact exercise routines that women over 40 should be doing as well. Women, contrary to popular belief, will not get big and bulky from lifting heavy weights. Instead, they will see positive muscle growth that ensures their bodies stay strong well into old age.

While the weight amounts may be different, it is often just as beneficial whether a man or woman is performing a full body workout.

You Need to Change Your Diet

Well, maybe you are a healthy eater and don’t need a diet change, but if you are a fast food junkie you will quickly find yourself gaining weight and never slimming down. Even the best workout routine for men over 40 will fail if diet is not taken into account. This does not mean that you should follow a no-carb diet or a no-fat diet. You must eat the right foods to see results. If you think you can eat burgers and fries daily and look like Hercules, you are sadly mistaken.

Basic diet changes are needed for you to see results. Workout plans for women over 40 will include healthy fats, carbs, protein and nutritious, leafy greens that leave you full and satisfied. The goal is to craft a workout plan and a diet alongside each other. After all, if you are performing strenuous workouts for hours a day, you will need a massive amount of food to rebuild your muscles and stay strong.

Did you know that some swimmers eat 10,000 calories a day and still look amazing? This is because your diet will forge what your body ultimately looks like. With the right exercise program for women over 40, you can eat the majority of the same foods you eat today and perform just 90 minutes worth of workouts a week.

Stretching, Range of Motion, and Cardio

We have all heard that we need to stretch and maintain a full range of motion to stay ultra-healthy throughout our lives. Well, the normal workout plan for men over 40 simply does not provide this. Isolation workouts will cause you to:

  • Become tight
  • Lose range of motion
  • Perform cardio

Full body workouts are the best workout for men over 40 because they naturally and gently stretch the muscles and require full range of motion. This allows you to stay limber for longer. While running is great, it will put a lot of stress on the knees and joints leading to pain. Full body workouts will get your heart pumping and provide the same cardiovascular benefits as using a cardio machine without all of the side effects that people try to avoid.

Full body workout routines for men over 40 are practical, save time and bolster health much better than isolation workouts ever could.


8 thoughts on “What You Need To Know About Your Over 40 Workout

  1. Michelle

    I started using weights in the last couple of years and the results I got are proof that you don’t get massive if you lift weights, your muscles are simply more defined. I don’t bench 200 pounds, I use decent weights, 20-pound kettlebell or 15 pounds dumbbells. But I started slow and upped the weights as my arms’ strength increased.

  2. Alan B

    My son’s personal trainer recommended him burpees as the most complete full body workout and I have to tell you these are perfect if you want to work all your muscle and break a sweat. First time I did them I couldn’t do more than 5 but now I do circuits and do around 40 in a session.

  3. David Jet Post author

    Hey, I wish I benched 200 pounds regularly myself, but like you said, enough is really “enough”. Meaning that you only need to lift as much as you need to lift to get in shape. I see a lot of people really pushing it and more often than not, they get hurt. Lifting what you can lift and just adding a bit as you progress through your workout plan is really the safest way to do things.

  4. Larry Hayes

    I was looking for an over 40 workout and found fitforty and I’m happy I did! You have good articles for people my age, what to eat, which workouts to do, ect. I didn’t realize it until now but I think I will love full body workouts because they are targeting every muscle and that’s what I want: to develop myself harmoniously!

  5. Shawna

    I found that, for me at least, stretching before and especially after a workout is crucial! 3 years ago I wouldn’t even mess around with warming up and didn’t even consider doing some stretches after finishing, until I started having problems with my back. I’ve just realized that my body needs to enter a state of pumping so the workout is effective and it also needs to cool down after it. Thanks, fitforty!

  6. David Jet Post author

    I hear ya Shawna and thank you =)

    I love to get that stretch in. It really makes a difference in how I perform during a workout and how good I feel after.

  7. David Jet Post author

    Don’t you just love burpees? Honestly, they are very taxing at first, but once you get the hang of it, you can really increase the calorie burn with them.

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