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Old School New Body Review – Get Fit & Stay Fit 2018

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Once you get past the pages of up-sells and other promotional offers, you get to the $20 purchase link (you don't need all the other stuff). And at $20 you get a ton of value. Instant download and you can get started right away.

Old School New Body Review:

Feeling Great & Being Fit is a Necessity

My Old School New Body review outlines everything you are looking for about the program and what it takes to get in the best shape of your life. Let’s face it and be real; working out over 30 can be really hard.

Not only are you older and tired all the time, but you may have kids, back pain or have to work crazy hours just to make ends meet. Everyone has felt the pain of trying to get fit and seeing little to no results.

It is disheartening and downright miserable

at times. Old School New Body by Steve and Becky Holman offers a true way to get fit as you get older.

While the program is meant for people 30 and up, it can also be used in your 20s. The truth is, the science and methods utilized are able to be applied no matter your age. Before we jump deep into our Old School New Body review, you must know who the Holman’s actually are. Find out here.

Why You Should Listen to Steve and Becky

Steve and Becky Holman are probably not two names you have heard before, but you may recognize Steve if you are a hardcore reader of Iron Man Magazine.

Who is Steve Holman?

Steve, co-author of the Old School New Body book, has been the editor-in-chief of Iron Man Magazine for 25 years. Looking at Steve, you would never guess that he is in his 50s. He looks better than most people do in their 20s. I know he looks a heck of a lot better than me or any of my friends.

Steve’s immense knowledge in the fitness industry makes him the perfect candidate for any workout plan. In fact, Steve has had to read tens of thousands of articles and meet with fitness leaders all throughout his career. To say that he is knowledgeable in fitness would be a massive understatement.

Who is Becky Holman?

Becky is Steve’s wife and a co-author of Old School New Body. Becky begins her 10 years’ worth of experience to the table to really round out the program. While she looks just as amazing as Steve, she offers extensive experience in nutrition and lifestyle that will boost a person’s results immensely.

When put all together, the two are a powerhouse of information that used their love for each other to really show the world what it takes to be fit. If you have to search for testimonials, look at this amazing couple first to see living proof of what Old School New Body results can look like when put into action appropriately.

What You Can Expect from Your Old School New Body Download

The one aspect that really sticks out with this system is that it utilizes full body workouts. These are workouts meant to engage your entire body so that you:

  1. Build muscle
  2. Lose fat
  3. Boost cardiovascular health

You will not be spending evenings staring at the wall while running on the treadmill or be expected to workout night and day to look good. As this program outlines, this can actually have an adverse side effect where free radicals make you look and feel much older than you are.

Old School New Body is broken down into 3 key phases that are meant to lean, shape and build. The best part is most people finish the lean phase and choose to maintain their body rather than advance it further. The phases are outlined as follows:

  1. Lean: During the lean phase, you are expected to workout just 90 minutes a week. This phase will teach you how to tweak your movements and nutrition to lose weight, slim down and develop lean muscle.
  2. Shape: The shaping phase is considered phase two and is meant to further sculpt your body. This is where you will add definition and size through further changes to your lifting styles. Nutritional changes will need to take place too, but all of these changes are very minor and will not leave you feeling like your life has been turned upside down.
  3. Build: Want to look buff but not unnatural? The build phase adds changes to your diet and lifts to add pounds of muscle to your body. This is where users can add 15 – 20 pounds of muscle to look like a natural bodybuilder.

This is where the program starts and ends, but you will get so much more in the form of bonuses.

What is Included

Now, you are probably wondering why reviews of Old School New Body mention so many other great factors. Well, Steve and Becky want this to be a complete workout system. The duo have included the following when you buy Old School New Body:

The Main Components

  • F4X Youth-Enhancing Body System: Meant for both men and women, this system is the core of the offering. You will learn what mistakes to avoid, how to avoid injury, the basics of nutrition and all three phases that we discussed just before.
  • F4X Quick Start Workout Guide: Meant for people very limited on time. The quick start guide encompasses the entire FX4 Protocol and does so in as little time as possible.
  • The Ultimate Fat Burning Secrets
  • The Ultimate Muscle Building Secrets
  • The Ultimate Sex and Anti-Aging Secrets
  • The Ultimate Health and Happiness Secrets

Extras Everywhere

Buyers will also get $175 worth of motivational interviews audio from John Rowley. This provides hours of inspirational and motivational audio from five well-known figures in the health and fitness industry.

You would be hard-pressed to find a review of Old School New Body that isn’t teeming with happy buyers. In fact, there is only one aspect wrong with this program that we would love to see changed. While not major, we would love to see the following added:

  • Videos demonstrating the exercises

Pictures and text are great, but videos are much easier to understand and demonstrate proper form. We want you to know that this does not mean that the Old School New Body Exercises aren’t any good. These exercises and the entire program are nothing short of amazing. We know that this system works and will provide amazing results.

Are You Ready To Take Things Further?

If you are tired of reading Old School New Body reviews and want to dive in immediately, now is the time to do it. A special promotional price of $20 is currently available, but will not last long. With a normal non-promotional sale price of $50, if you act now, you can save 60 percent for the same great program that has helped thousands of others rejuvenate their lives.

Buy Old School New Body today and receive the best workout plan for men and women over 30. If you have just 90 minutes a week that you can dedicate to your health, you can feel and look better than people half your age. If you don’t like the program, you have 60 days to return it for a 100% refund. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying Old School New Body. Are you up to the challenge?


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