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Is Old School New Body a Scam?

When you go to the gym or to the beach to enjoy a day in the sun, you will notice that a lot of people have love handles, a few extra pounds or even a huge gut. We have all seen the ads on television that promise that you can lose weight in an instant. Unfortunately, very few people that buy these programs really see results. If you want to buy Old School New Body but are unsure of whether or not it is a scam, we have the answer to all of your questions.

Is F4X Old School New Body A Scam?

The simple and straightforward answer is no. While there are many people that make claims that the system is a scam, there are also people that love this program. Let’s face it – there are people that bash every system on the market. The truth is that failure is not always the fault of a product or system. Instead, failure is the fault of lack of discipline and motivation.

Is this program a scam? Only if you are not willing to put in the effort will the program be a scam to you.

Let’s see what the program actually consists of and what trying the Old School New Body System will consist of:

  • Lean: The lean phase will not have you running on a treadmill for 3 hours a day or going to the gym 7 days a week. Instead, the lean phase is the first phase that users who buy Old School New Body will have to follow. This phase incorporates all of the workouts to lose weight and look younger using the F4X diet and initial workouts.
  • Shape: The phase that focuses on shaping your body. This is when you will start achieving the body that you want. During the shape phase, you will be toning your muscles to look like a swimmer or martial artist. Diet and exercise changes will occur during this phase.
  • Build: The building phase comes last. After you have lost fat and shaped your body, you can bolster your Old School New Body results by going into phase 3. This is the phase that is meant to add bulk to your body and give you the mini-bodybuilder look.

The best part is that these phases, beyond lean are optional. Many people find that the lean look is what they desire and they stop right there. The key is to continue following the Old School New Body diet and follow the F4X maintain guidelines to keep the body they want.

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Where the Word “Scam” Comes to Life

As someone that exercises often, I can understand why people call certain programs a scam. When a person is not willing to put in the effort, they will always feel like they are scammed. The end result is what matters the most for people and when you haven’t lost a pound, or even worse, you gained a few pounds, it can be disheartening.

The truth is that you cannot simply download Old School New Body, read it and start picking out information you “like.” This is where your brain is scamming you. Instead, you must follow the guidelines introduced exactly. You need to follow the diet, you need to go through Phase 1 to lose weight, and you need to exercise. If you follow everything outlined exactly and you do not lose weight, you may have a medical condition that is holding you back.

The truth is that losing weight and achieving the body of your dreams all while looking younger is possible and it is pure science.

Scams when it comes to most exercise plans are, in truth, a person unwilling to follow their plans exactly. If you skimp out on your workouts or you still eat McDonalds every day coming home from work, you will be scamming yourself and the program will not work.

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Shocking Results

Did you know that diet makes up the vast majority of your weight loss? Followed by diet, you must also spend the right amount of time in the gym. Studies have shown that working out too much can lead to less energy being expended which actually hinders results.

The one surprising fact seen in every Old School New Body F4X review is that people do not need to exercise day and night to see amazing results. Instead, the program only recommends that you exercise for just 90 minutes per week without any extra cardio needed in the process. For me, this seemed like a low number, but tens of thousands of people have strengthened and toned their body with outstanding results.

Before you purchase this program, keep the following in mind:

  • This program is designed for those over 40
  • This program can be used by men and women
  • This program is not ideal for those who are already ultra-fit

If you don’t see results, you also have 60 days to return the product with no questions asked.

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6 thoughts on “Over 40 & Feeling Slow – Buy Old School New Body & Get Fit

  1. David

    Just as you said, the word scam is attached to basically any workout program you can buy today. I can guarantee you anyone can lose weight by following a certain program, but not anyone should expect massive results. Some programs don’t focus on the right muscles or are just too easy to be able to lead to a huge weight loss but all programs work, being just to an extent.

  2. David Jet Post author

    Hi David,

    You are totally spot on, even with a program like Old School New body, or any for that matter won’t get you results without commitment. The program is a guide and if you don’t follow it, then you simply won’t see results. That’s a fact. If a person can find some level of commitment and take small steps they will see results.

  3. Angela

    If I have hip problems can I still follow the Old school, new body program? My physician recommended I do moderate exercise but as often as possible in order to keep my body active; I run about half an hour each morning but I want to do something more challenging.

  4. Charles Gilbert

    I have tried the Old School New Body program and it is very different from other similar programs in the sense that it is very easy to do; it focuses a lot on the food you eat and doing the right types of exercises for the right amount of time. It was incredible to see results with as low as 90 minutes invested weekly on workouts!

  5. Regina

    When I first heard about Old School New Body I’ve said “What a load of c…!” but then I read a lot of good reviews by people who tried it and were happy. I’m over 40 (close to my 50’s) and would love to get half the results they said they got! I know that I need to eat much better if I want to and I will probably go ahead and order this program so I have some guidelines to follow.

  6. David Jet Post author

    You can certainly follow the Old School New Body program because everything it pretty low impact. But to be safe, I would check with my doctor before jumping into any program.

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